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Check your dryer for danger signs –––––– Danger Signs
Warning Signs
Drying Time
Can be double or triple
The time it should take
Long dry time
Burning Smell
Lint Build up
Can catch on fire
Causing a burning smell
hot to the touch
very hot to the touch means
your dryer isn't exhausting properly
Hot dryer
& clothes
+Year Past
Reduce risk
Annual inspection to reduce risk
of fires & carbon monoxide poisoning
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Professional dryer vent services make your dryer machine run as smooth as possible

Just another laundry day... Or is it?

Dryer Vent Wizard is the only company focusing on nothing but dryer vents.

Time for the weekly routine of cleaning your dirty clothes. But wait! Something doesn’t seem quite right this time. The clothes are taking much longer to dry than normal. Could be nothing to worry about, but in truth, it is. This is a sign of a danger to you and your family. One of several…

5 signs your dryer vent is clogged with lint:

1. Longer drying time

  If it takes your dryer longer than one cycle to dry, you may have a vent obstruction cutting off the proper airflow. Properly functioning dryers do not require multiple cycles just to dry some clothes.

2. Excess lint behind dryer

  Clogged dryer vents prevent lint from passing further through ventilation.
This leads to more lint building up as a result.

3. It randomly shuts off

  If a vent line is clogged, the heat won't be released. As the machine overheats, it may shut the drying system down in an attempt to prevent a fire! That's if you have a good dryer.

4. No lint on lint screen

  Your dryer’s lint screen should have to be cleaned after each drying cycle. If the lint screen doesn’t have any lint on it, there may be an obstruction preventing the lint from going where it needs to.

5. Moldy smell

  Clogged vents can encourage mold growth, producing odor and health concerns.
Don't bathe your clothes in mold spores!

So the clothes are taking longer to dry. This is a bit of an inconvenience but not life or death we’re talking here, right? Wrong!

The Fire Danger with Dryer Vents

Not only does the obstruction restrict air flow, it increases and produces more lint build-up in your vent. Lint build-up results in the dryer overheating. This is a problem since lint is highly flammable.

Large amount of highly flammable lint + High Levels of Heat = (Fire + Loss of your home)

Simply put, you could lose your home because your dryer vent is obstructed.

*In 2010 alone, the National Fire Protection Association reported an estimated 16,800 fires coming from dryers leading to $236 million in property damage, 380 injuries, and 51 deaths.

Dryer Manufacturers recommend having your dryer vents inspected and cleaned annually. If you haven’t had yours inspected, you could already be in a potentially dangerous situation. But with a little technical magic, it’s possible to get out of the danger zone.

Specialized Dryer Vent Technicians vs General HVAC Technicians

Wisconsin dryer vent services prevent fire hazards in your homeWe’re your best hope of fixing your dryer so it will not only be safe from catching fire in your home, but improve the performance of your dryer too. No one does what we do to the quality we do it.

There are (HVAC) companies in the Southeast Wisconsin area who try to service dryer vents. They prefer to go for the easy money; ‘Low-hanging fruit’ jobs like simple cleanings of large apartment complexes. They don’t actually correct the problems leading to a fire. They typically just shoot compressed air into the vent. Even if the lint all comes out, they haven't fixed the issues causing excessive lint buildup.

If you’re going to have your dryer vents cleaned, have it done by a specialist. Dryer Vent Wizard is the best at:

We’re the best company for dryer vents because dryer vents are all we do.

No Better Dryer Vent Service in Wisconsin - Here’s Why

All of our technicians are C-DET certified, meaning we are highly trained in inspecting and cleaning every aspect of all dryer exhaust systems. Dryer Vent Wizard has an accredited A rated business from the Better Business Bureau.

Angie’s List has given us the Super Service Award for recognition as the best dryer vent specialists in Southeast Wisconsin. HomeAdvisor has also ranked us on their site as Top Level Professional. We’re also considered Elite Service professionals by HomeAdvisor for superior customer service.

In other words, there is no better specialist for cleaning your dryer vents out than Dryer Vent Wizard. So contact us today. But before you do, there’s one more thing about our work.

Our Vent Cleaning Expertise is Your Assurance

Our work represents the best in the niche of dryer vents. This is why we offer our 100% workmanship guarantee. This means you don’t get charged extra if we have to make changes to our work to ensure your dryer functions at its best and hazard free.

If you think your dryer is showing one of the 5 deadly signs of dryer vent blockage, there is only one name to call- Dryer Vent Wizard!

Contact the dryer vent cleaners at Dryer Vent Wizard, Wisconsin’s #1 dryer vent service to clean, repair, install or reroute your dryer today.


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