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Dryer Vent Wizard Removes The Lint...And The Worry

Believe it or not, one of the biggest fire hazards in your home is your clothes dryer. Each year, there are an average of 15,000 fires that start in the laundry room. The culprit: Lint buildup in the dryer vent line. Don't worry, though. With a little preventive maintenance, you can easily avoid a disaster at your home.

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7 Signs Your Dryer Vent May Be Clogged

If you notice any of these symptoms, hold off on using your dryer until you can get someone in to clean your vent line. In addition to preventing a fire, dryer vent cleaning offers other benefits, including faster drying times and lower energy bills. Who doesn't want a better-working dryer?

When you hire Dryer Vent Wizard to clean your dryer vent, here's what you can expect:

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