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Crushed dryer transition hose
Ready for the recycling bin!
Clothes Dryer Transition Hose Disconnected
How NOT to Install a Transition Hose
Tangled vinyl dryer transition hose
Doing the Twist
Broken apart dryer transition hose
Completely Disconnected
dryer transition hose broken apart
Fallen to Pieces
Compressed dryer vent transtion hose
Totally Mangled
Crushed Transition Hose From Dryer
Another Smooshed Foil Transition Hose
Scorched Transition Hose On Dryer
Scorch Marks On Transition Hose!
crushed dryer vent transition hose
Smashed and Totally Useless

Flimsy Foil-Wrapped Transition Hoses are a Nuisance!

Do you have one of those vinyl or foil-wrapped dryer vent lines? While these types of transition hoses are common, they're not very safe - the foil on most of these transition hoses will go up in flames within 10 seconds if a lint clog ignites inside. Don't put your home and family at risk by using one of these flimsy dryer vent lines. Call the professionals at Dryer Vent Wizard of Wisconsin today to get a new dryer vent line made of rigid aluminum metal for maximum proficiency.

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