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Dryer Lint Artists vs Dryer Vent Wizards

Dryer Lint Art. Yes, It's Actually a Thing.

The use of reclaimed materials (i.e. junk, basically) has been going on in the art world for decades, but dryer lint has to be one of the more unusual art materials we've seen. As you can see from some of the photos on this page, the results can be surprisingly impressive. Although working with lint must be incredibly tedious, at least the materials are free!

We came across two artists working in lint, Tanya Corkey and Heidi Hooper. Tanya, a Canadian, likes lint because “As a byproduct of society, lint consists of fibers, hair, dead skin and other debris, and thus directly referencing people and their daily activity.” Okay! She does fabulous large scale portraits which require a lot of lint, so we can only hope she keeps her dryer vent cleaned.

Here's Tanya with some of her incredible portraits, to give you an idea of the size:

Tanya Corkey Lint Art

Pennsylvania-based Heidi Hooper is another impressive lint artist. She got into lint after years of creating sculpture with metal. A battle with cancer left her with a weakened right arm, so she took up working with lint. Her website notes she is always looking for lint, especially hard to find colors of lint, so do the gal a favor and send her some lint!

Here are some samples of Heidi Hooper's remarkable lint art:

Heidi Hooper   Lint Art by Heidi Hooper

Dryer Vent Wizards are Lint Artists of A Different Sort

Instead of creating portraits with laundry lint, our technicians are artists at removing lint from dryer vent lines and dryers. Using proprietary tools only our Wizards have access to, they remove all traces of lint from inside dryer vent lines. They also open up dryers to vacuum out the layer of lint that inevitably collects inside dryers after years of use. All Dryer Vent Wizards are C-DET certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America, meaning they have met their stringent requirements and are trained in all aspects of dryer vent cleaning, installation and repair.

Dryer Lint Art vs. Dryer Vent Cleaning: In Summary

Dryer Lint Art

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Can be expensive

Affordably priced

May or may not increase in value

Provides instant benefit of greater dryer efficiency and lower utility bills

Enhances visual appeal of a room

Eliminates possibility of a lint clogged vent burning your house down


Yearly Dryer Vent Cleaning Prevents Dryer Fires

A yearly cleaning of your dryer vent line is universally recommended by fire marshals to prevent the risk of a lint clog igniting in your dryer vent line and spreading to your laundry room. Every year, there are 15,000 house fires that start in the laundry room—mostly due to lint clogs igniting.

Dryer lint accumulating inside dryers also cause fires. You can see just how bad it can get in our photo gallery of dryer interiors. If your dryer is 5 years old or older and has never been cleaned, it’s due for a deep cleaning. You can learn more about dryer deep cleaning in our News section.

A Properly Routed Dryer Vent Line is a Thing of Beauty

Before and After Photos of Dryer Vent ReroutingDryer Vent Wizards are also quite gifted at routing dryer vent lines so they take the shortest route from the dryer to the outside wall vent. This is essential to maintaining proper exhaust flow through the dryer vent.

If you have one of those flimsy vinyl or foil-wrapped vent lines snaking its way across the ceiling of your basement to the exhaust vent, it’s probably sagging in some areas. Those saggy areas allow lint to collect. Even worse, the vinyl or foil material goes up in flames quickly if a lint clog ignites inside.

When Dryer Vent Wizard installs a dryer vent line, we use rigid metal venting that meets all current building codes for safety and strength. It’s smooth inside, so lint doesn’t collect in it as easily as it does in those flexy foil or vinyl covered vents. A rigid metal vent line still needs yearly cleaning, of course. But if there’s ever a problem with lint igniting inside one it won’t erupt in flames like a vinyl or foil vent will.

Schedule a Dryer Vent Cleaning from a True Wizard

Sure, a properly installed dryer vent isn't "art," and neither is a clean dryer vent line, but our Wizards take pride in doing quality work that actually saves lives. Contact us today for pricing and scheduling details.

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