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Deep Cleaning Removes Flammable Lint Inside Your Clothes Dryer

You clean out the lint trap of your dryer before you use it. Great! You have your dryer vent line professionally cleaned every year. Fantastic! But what about the lint inside of your dryer? Yes, inside of it.

Dryer fire caused by lint buildup inside dryer.How does lint get inside the dryer, you ask? When clothes tumble in the dryer, the friction of rubbing against other pieces of clothing causes small pieces of fabric to wear off. These small pieces of fabric combine with other pieces to form what we know as lint. Most lint is caught in the lint trap of your dryer, but some makes it past the trap and ends up inside the dryer (and the vent line). Over time, the accumulation of small pieces of lint becomes a huge fire hazard.

If lint trapped inside your dryer reaches the heating element or the open flame of a gas-fired dryer, it can easily start a fire inside the dryer. It won't take long for flames from a lint fire to reach the flammable plastic components inside the dryer, either. In as little as 10 minutes, your entire laundry room can be on fire.


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Does Your Clothes Dryer Need a Deep Cleaning?

Deep cleaning of dryer removes flammable lint inside.If your dryer is two or more years old and it’s never had a deep cleaning, it needs a cleaning. Although a deep clean is not particularly hard to do, and there are plenty of online video tutorials on disassembling dryers, it does involve taking your dryer apart…and putting it back together again. In between, you just vacuum up (carefully) the accumulated lint. It should take about 30 to 40 minutes.

For anyone who looks up the online videos and just doesn’t feel comfortable with dismantling a dryer, Dryer Vent Wizard can help. We don’t make appointments just for cleaning out dryers, but if you hire us to clean out your dryer vent line we can also do a deep clean on your dryer while we’re there. If you’re having the inside of your dryer cleaned, you should have your vent cleaned, too.

How Much Does It Cost For a Deep Cleaning of a Clothes Dryer?

The cost for this service varies depending on how long it takes to clean out the dryer. Some dryers can be cleaned in 20 minutes, while others—particularly older dryers that have never been cleaned—can take much longer. We don’t really know what to expect until we get the dryer open. Generally, though, you can expect a thorough deep cleaning to run $70 to $100.

Dryer Vent Wizard of Wisconsin Cleans, Repairs, Reroutes and Installs Dryer Vent Lines

Whether you're due for a dryer vent cleaning, need a vent line installed for a new dryer, or just need a pro to fix the mess a previous owner made of the dryer vent line, we're here to help. We are the only company in Wisconsin focused solely on dryer vents, so we know what we're doing.

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