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Dryer Vent Cleaning in Edgerton, WI

How to Reduce the Risk of Dryer FiresDryer Vent Rerouting Edgerton

Most people don’t realize it, but the vent line from a clothes dryer needs to be cleaned on at least once a year – not just to keep the dryer running efficiently, but to prevent a fire starting in the vent line and spreading to the rest of your house. Every time you run a load of laundry in your dryer, small particles of lint make their way past the lint trap and into your dryer vent. Over time, the lint builds up inside the vent to the point it obstructs the flow of dryer exhaust. The highly flammable lint gets heated by the hot dryer exhaust to the point it ignites.

Every year, nearly 16,000 house fires are caused by lint clogs in dryer vent lines catching fire – don’t put your home and family at risk! Call the Dryer Vent Wizards of Southeast Wisconsin to schedule an inspection, and if we spot a problem with your vent line while we’re at your home or business, we’ll find the best solution for you. 

How To Tell If Your Dryer Vent Is Clogged


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Dryer Vent Services for Edgerton Homes

Our services not only prevent dryer fires, but they also improve the performance and efficiency of your dryer. Dryer Vent Wizard's certified experts have years of experience cleaning, repairing and rerouting dryer vents. We use specialized vent cleaning tools to ensure we get the lint out... all of it!

Our professional dryer vent services include:

Clogged dryer vents impact your life in ways you might not realize, and you need a team of professionals to ensure your dryer is working at peak performance. Call us today to learn more, or to schedule an appointment for a home inspection!

Contact the dryer vent cleaning professionals Edgerton homes trust today to schedule an appointment.