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Local Dryer Vent Specialists Prevent Fires By Getting The Lint OutBest Kenosha dryer vent cleaning contractors.

It’s unfortunate, but most homeowners have no idea their clothes dryers are one of the biggest fire hazards in their homes. On average, there are an astonishing 15,000+ house fires caused by lint clogged dryer vent lines.

Over time, lint from the dryer accumulates inside the dryer vent line. When it accumulates to the point of clogging the flow of air through the line, the lint inside can get heated until it catches fire. To make matters worse, improper dryer vent materials like vinyl hoses and Mylar foil-wrapped lines go up in flames in mere seconds.

There’s an easy way to reduce your risk of dryer fires caused by lint buildup: just have your dryer vent lines cleaned on a regular basis. For most households, a yearly cleaning is sufficient. But if you have a large family and do more than 5 loads of laundry per week, or launder pet blankets on a regular basis, it’s a good idea to have your vents cleaned twice per year.

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Seven Sure Signs Your Dryer Vent Line Is Clogged

Dryer Vent Wizard is the Only Company In Kenosha Specializing in Dryer Vents

While there are plumbers and HVAC companies offering dryer vent cleaning, Dryer Vent Wizard is the only company focused solely on dryer vents. So, you can bet we know our stuff.

In addition to cleaning the lint out of dryer vent lines, we also install dryer ducts and replace those flammable Mylar vent lines with up-to-code, rigid aluminum vent lines. If you have a twisted mess of dryer ductwork, we can reroute the ductwork and make any repairs needed to existing vent lines. And because we’re the only company in Wisconsin dedicated solely to getting the lint out, we can even give your dryer a “deep cleaning” to remove the lint that has accumulated inside it—a recommended service if your dryer is more than 10 years old.

Services Offered by Dryer Vent Wizard

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Lint that accumulates in your dryer vent line blocks the flow of dryer exhaust. This lint can actually ignite from hot dryer exhaust. If you have a gas dryer, you’re also at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Solution: Have your dryer vents cleaned at least once per year.

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Dryer Vent Rerouting

It always amazes us how often dryer venting is routed with all kinds of crazy twists and turns. The more twisty the routing, the greater the chance of lint accumulating and igniting. Our technicians reroute dryer vent lines to take the shortest distance possible between your dryer and the exterior wall where the vent line exhausts. If you have vent line that isn’t up to code, we’ll replace it with rigid or semi-rigid aluminum housing to minimize the risk of a fire spreading.

If your dryer exhausts into your attic or a basement crawl space, you risk having mold develop there from the condensation such venting creates. You also risk carbon monoxide poisoning if you have a gas dryer. Our Wizards will re-route your dryer vent to an exterior wall so it can be safely exhausted outside.

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Dryer Vent Repair

The first thing we look at is that short run of venting from your dryer to the main exhaust vent line. These “transition hoses” often get crushed by the dryer being pushed too far against them, to the point there’s little exhaust flowing through them. Often, the person who installed the main line of your dryer venting used duct tape to hold the pieces together. Probably worked fine for a few months, but over time it rots and falls off.

When you hire a Dryer Vent Wizard, the loose aluminum venting will be properly secured with foil tape to prevent it from disconnecting and releasing exhaust into your home. While we don’t repair vinyl or foil wrapped venting, we can replace it with flexible or rigid aluminum venting.

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Dryer Vent Installation

If you’re having a new dryer installed, or need to get your old dryer connected in a new place, let our Dryer Vent Wizards install up-to-code rigid aluminum vent lines. The cheapo vinyl or foil wrapped dryer venting is such a fire hazard that most dryer manufacturers now warn against using it. Besides prone to lint clogs, they will also erupt in flames if lint inside catches fire.

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