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Dryer Vent Cleaning and Repair in Monona, WI

Don’t Let Your Dryer Be a Fire Hazard!

Over 15,000 fires every year are started in the laundry room by a faulty or clogged dryer vent line. Often times, flammable lint clogs up the vent line and something as simple as a spark can create a fire that causes significant property damage. 

Don’t put your Monona, WI home at risk! Get in touch with the professionals at Dryer Vent Wizard today to schedule an appointment with us. We offer lint cleaning, dryer vent repair, pipe installation, and vent line rerouting – everything you need to ensure your dryer won’t become a fire hazard someday.


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Your dryer vent is probably clogged if:

Dryer Vent Cleaning Monona

Minimize Hazards and Save Money in the Long Run!

yearly cleaning of your dryer vents reduce the risk of fire, extends your appliance’s life, and saves you money by decreasing energy consumption. If you do a lot of laundry, more than 5 loads per week, it's recommended to have your dryer vents cleaned every six months. 

Around Monona, there is only one company devoted solely to dryer vents: Dryer Vent Wizard. No one knows more about dryer vent cleaning and repair than us. Our dryer vent services will help keep your home or business safe from fires, mold, and carbon monoxide poisoning. 

Years of lint build-up not only causes home fires, but clogged dryer ducts provide a hospitable environment for mold growth and can even cause carbon monoxide poisoning. If you notice your laundry room is humid or has a musty odor, don't put off doing something about it. Give our Madison Dryer Vent Wizard a call at (262) 312-1991. If you're a property manager, dial (262) 501-5240. The solution may be as simple as a dryer vent cleaning, or it may require replacing a flimsy, vinyl-wrapped vent line with up-to-code aluminum venting. 

Apartment & Condominium Dryer Vent Services

Dryer Vent Wizard is devoted to serving landlords all across Wisconsin when it comes to their dryer vent systems. Avoiding fire hazards becomes exponentially more important when there are a lot more people living under the same roof. Having more people means having more laundry - and more traffic for your dryer vents. Under these circumstances, dryer vent cleanings should be more frequent. If applicable, we can reroute the dryer vent system in your condominium or apartment complex to maximize its efficiency and lower routine cleaning expenses. We're proud to provide dryer system solutions for apartment complexes and condominium parks throughout Monona and Dane County.

If you're a landlord or a tenant, don't hesitate to contact us about any dryer vent concerns or issues with your dryer. It's common for small and typically overlooked inconveniences to be indicative of much larger problems. So don't wait!

Contact the Monona dryer vent cleaning professionals today to schedule an appointment.