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Oconomowoc Dryer Vent Installation

Waukesha County Vent Repair and Cleaning Services

Dryer vent cleaning and repair services in Oconomowoc are available from the Dryer Vent Wizards of North Milwaukee. Our team of Certified Dryer Exhaust Technicians (C-DET) handle everything your vent system needs from regular inspections to repairs and rerouting.

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Dryer Vent Cleaning

Regular dryer vent cleaning keeps lint and debris from building up and putting your home at risk for a dryer fire. Blockages can reduce dryer efficiency, increasing drying times and energy bills. Keep your dryer running smoothly with cleaned vents from Dryer Vent Wizards of North Milwaukee.

Dryer Vent Installation

New vents are an affordable way to upgrade your dryer without buying new. Vents should be made from flexible or solid aluminum for greater efficiency. Many older homes still have Mylar foil or vinyl vents which need to be replaced. Our technicians offer affordable installation for Oconomowoc homeowners.

Dryer Vent Rerouting

Older homes in Oconomowoc often need to have their vents rerouted for greater performance and efficiency. If your current vent systems has a lot of tight corners and connections, there are more opportunities for lint to be trapped. Changing the course of the vents can also free up space in your home around the dryer.

Dryer Vent Repair

Finally, our technicians repair dryer vents which have been damaged. Contact our team for an estimate on getting your vents repaired or replaced today.


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