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Dryer Vent Cleaning and Repair in Ripon, WI

Prevent a Dryer Fire from Happening in Your Laundry Room!

Dryer fires are responsible for an estimated 15,000 fires every year. Lint and debris builds up in the vent lines and gets superheated when the dryer is running – the perfect kindling for fire. Dryer fires are notorious for how quickly they blaze out of control since they are surrounded by flammable material and are in hard to reach spaces of the house. 

Don’t put your Ripon, WI home and family at risk! Call the Dryer Vent Wizards of Northeast Wisconsin to get an inspection and cleaning from our expert technicians to reduce the risk of a laundry room fire.


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How to Tell if Your Dryer Vent is Clogged

Because dryer vent lines are enclosed and often routed up through an interior wall, it’s impossible to see inside them without a video scope. However, there are telltale signs your vent line may be obstructed by lint. If you notice any of the signs outlined above, HOLD OFF on doing any more laundry until you can schedule a time for Dryer Vent Wizard to do an inspection.

Prevent Dryer Fires with a New Vent Line

The Dryer Vent Wizards of Northeast Wisconsin provide the best insurance for your dryer by keeping it operating efficiently all year long. We offer a wide range of services in the Northeast Wisconsin area, including:

Need a dryer vent inspection and cleaning for your Ripon, WI home? Call the Dryer Vent Wizards of Northeast Wisconsin and schedule an appointment.

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