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Dryer Vent Wizards for Stoughton, WI

Dryer Vent Repair, Cleaning, Installation, and More in Stoughton Homes

Nearly 16,000 house fires a year start in the laundry room. Why? Improperly cleaned and routed dryer vent lines are almost always the culprit – hot air being pushed through the exhaust vents and get in contact with flammable lint will sometimes result in a fire. 

Don’t worry, the Dryer Vent Wizards are here to help! We have years of experience repairing, installing, routing, and cleaning dryer vent lines throughout all of Wisconsin. Your dryer vent lines needs regular annual maintenance to ensure a fire won’t start in your laundry room. Don’t hesitate to contact the Dryer Vent Wizards to schedule an appointment with us!


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Warning Signs of a Clogged Dryer Vent Line:Dryer Vent Repair Stoughton

We Serve All of Eastern Wisconsin!

Not only the Stoughton area, but Dryer Vent Wizard cleans dryer vent lines all over Eastern Wisconsin. We repair, install, reroute, and clean dryer vents in homes all over the state, and we’ll ensure you never have to worry about your dryer catching fire from improperly cleaned and installed exhaust vents.

Dryer Vent Repair in Stoughton

The professionals at Dryer Vent Wizard install new dryer vents and replaces old lines in full compliance with all building codes for dryer vent safety. We use galvanized aluminum venting instead of cheap flexible vinyl, routed to take the shortest distance possible from the back of your dryer to the exhaust vent on your wall or roof.

Dryer Vent Cleaning in Stoughton

Removing all the lint not only prevents a fire from starting in your dryer vent, it also keeps your dryer operating efficiently. After a vent cleaning, you will likely notice your clothes dry faster than they did before. Depending on how much laundry you do per month, you may also notice your monthly energy bill is a little lower. 

Dryer Vent Installation in Stoughton 

Improper venting isn’t just a threat to your property. Misaligned or poorly installed vents cause dryers to fail in their primary duty – drying. Before you know it, clothes come out damp after a regular cycle through the dryer. Most people think their dryer isn't working anymore, when it's usually the vent causing the problem. Installing a new vent is far more affordable than a completely new dryer, and more likely to solve your problem while also preventing long-term service issues.

Dryer Vent Rerouting in Stoughton

The location of your dryer plays a key role in its efficiency and safety. Ideally, the dryer should be on an exterior wall to avoid long runs of dryer vent. The recent trend of placing dryers in the center of a home has resulted in long vent lines with multiple elbow joints and turns. This reduces airflow and increases the risk of lint clogs. 

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