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Don’t Let Your Dryer Become a Fire Hazard

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Lint buildup inside dryer vent line
A lint-clogged vent line like this makes your dryer perform poorly and can cause a fire if the lint ignites from the heat of the dryer's exhaust.

Waukesha WI, Dryer Vent Cleaning Cost:

Dryer Vent Wizards has a minimal Service fee of $39 (the charge for the trip and inspection)

A dryer vent cleaning service cost ranges from $99-$265. You will be spending an average of $159 to get your dryer vents cleaned out by the wizards of Dryer Vent Cleaning in SE Wisconsin. Some factors that play a part in how much you will be paying to clean out your dryer duct consist of the length of the run of the dryer vent hose. Another factor that may affect the cost is where the terminates are located. They may be located at the ground level, the second floor, or if they're located in the roof (roof work requires us to charge a bit more for liability insurance).

Waukesha WI, Dryer Vent Repair Cost:

Dryer Vent Wizards has a minimal Service fee of $39 (the charge for the trip and inspection)

A dryer vent repair cost ranges from $69-$159. You will be spending an average of $89 to get your dryer vent repaired by professionals. Factors that can affect the price of a dryer vent repair are:

Waukesha WI, Dryer Vent Installation or Rerouting Vent Cost:

Dryer Vent Wizards has a minimal Service fee of $39 (the charge for the trip and inspection)

A dryer vent installation or rerouting a dryer vent cost in Waukesha ranges from $175-$600. On average, $300 will be spent to be serviced by professionals. The difficulty of accessing the area to repair the vent, materials needed to install a new dryer vent, and the length of the dryer hose all may play a factor in the cost of your dryer vent installation or rerouting.

Before you start having premonitions about your laundry room bursting into flames, know the culprit of most laundry fires: lint. Every year, 15,000 fires are sparked by dryer vents clogged with lint.

Annual dryer vent cleanings drastically reduce the likelihood of dryer lint fires. It could save your home and cut down on your energy bills. So give the Dryer Vent Wizard of Southeast Wisconsin a call today.

Signs of clogged dryer vents:

Dryer vent fire in Waukesha news article
Don't want to spend the money to have your dryer vent cleaned? It could end up costing you.

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What Is The Difference Between A Dryer Duct And A Dryer Vent?

Nothing. The terms "dryer duct" and "dryer vent" refer to the same exact thing: The housing that runs from your dryer to an exterior wall to vent the exhaust from your dryer. In our part of the country, the more commonly used term is "vent," although you may hear it referred to as a "duct" in other regions.


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The only fire that should be burning in a house is the one in your fireplace. You tend to the fireplace, we'll tend to the dryer vent. Our quality work paired with prompt, friendly service makes for superb customer satisfaction. Get the peace of mind that comes from our professional dryer vent cleaning and repair services in Waukesha. Visit our reviews page and read what our customers have to say.

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