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Dryer Vent Installation

Properly Installed Dryer Vents Prevent Fire Hazards

Dryer Ventilation Experts Install Systems For Efficient PerformanceDryer vents are an often overlooked part of your laundry room. Whether you’re buying a new house, upgrading your current place, or having a new clothes dryer installed, the quality of your dryer vent and how it was installed is more important than you might think.

Too often, dryer vents are improperly installed or put in using unsafe materials--such as those flexible, mylar-wrapped dryer vent lines which tend to trap lint in nooks and crannies and can erupt in flames if a dryer lint fire starts inside them.

Every year, thousands of house fires are caused by improperly installed or lint-clogged dryer vents. The easiest way to prevent a fire at your home is by having a rigid aluminum dryer vent professionally installed by Dryer Vent Wizard’s highly qualified technicians--and having it cleaned at least once a year.

Even with the aluminum dryer vent lines we use, lint will inevitably accumulate over time. And unless it's routinely cleaned out, the trapped lint inside can eventually ignite.

Our C-DET certified technicians have years of experience installing dryer vents and are highly trained in all aspects of dryer vent installation and maintenance. As the only business in Wisconsin focuses solely on dryer vents, you can't find a better qualified company to handle your vent installation.

Save Money by Reducing Your Power Bill

Improper venting isn’t just a threat to your property. Misaligned or poorly installed vents cause dryers to fail in their primary duty – drying. Before you know it, clothes come out damp after a regular cycle through the dryer. Most people think their dryer isn't working anymore, when it's usually the vent causing the problem.

Installing a new vent is far more affordable than a completely new dryer, and more likely to solve your problem while also preventing long-term service issues.

A Cut-and-Dry Solution

The materials used by Dryer Vent Wizard are at or above local, state, and federal requirements for vent installation and repair. We adhere to the International Residence Code, International Mechanical Code and Universal Builders Code for ALL your dryer venting needs.

We recommend and use custom cut rigid tubing for straight runs and semi-rigid tubing for elbow bends, not the typical thin foil or vinyl-wrapped tube. You’re less likely to experience blockages and disrepair, giving your dryer a longer life. An efficient vent system also allows more heat to the dryer, meaning faster drying times and less damage to your delicate fabrics.


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