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Dryer Vent Rerouting

Wisconsin Dryer Vent Company Offering Rerouting Services

Dryer Vent Routing Could Lead To Fire HazardsYou’ve probably never lost sleep over questions like:

“Is my dryer vent routed correctly?”
“Do I have the right dryer duct materials?”
“Does my dryer need a booster fan for proper air flow and maximum efficiency?”

But you could lose your home!

In just one year, over *16,800 home fires were caused by lint backups due to improperly-routed dryer vents and a lack of dryer maintenance.

Rerouting Dryer Vents Minimizes Hazards to Your Home

Dryer Vent Wizard will make sure your system is properly routed and ventilated. If necessary, our service representatives will replace sub-standard ductwork. Shoddy ductwork is a serious fire hazard. Bring your home up to code with a quick dryer vent maintenance appointment.

The location of your dryer plays a key role in the efficiency and safety of venting your dryer lint. Dryers should ideally be placed on an exterior wall. This keeps venting simple and efficient.

Gas dryer vents releasing exhaust inside attics, garages, or any interior location will cause condensation, which leads to uncontrolled mold growth. If you have a gas dryer venting into an enclosed space, you are also at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.


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Cleaning and Rerouting Services Help Keep Clothes Dryers Safe

After your friendly Dryer Vent Wizard has cleaned and inspected your dryer, if they see something potentially hazardous, the technician may recommend you have the dryer re-routed. These days, home and building construction is becoming more and more complex, requiring longer dryer vent runs.  WHY?  Because homes are not often built for convenience or for efficiency.

Some of these runs contain multiple elbows and turns, which can reduce airflow and catch lint. A booster fan might solve this problem. The technician would then verify the correct type of duct is in use. Flammable plastic or aluminum foil transition ducts need to be replaced with rigid metal ducts.

The technician will then have a look at where the dryer vent exhaust is exiting out of your home. In some instances the exhaust is going into the attic, basement, or crawl space due to a tear in the duct or poor planning in the infrastructure. This sends debris and lint (and carbon monoxide if it’s a gas dryer) into your home.

Dryer Vent Wizard will reroute your dryer vent line to an appropriate outdoor location, ensuring adequate air flow and reducing the risk of dryer vent fires. Like a routine chimney inspection, include a dryer vent inspection in your home maintenance routine. It’s just good sense.

Contact our Wisconsin dryer vent rerouting professionals at Dryer Vent Wizard and remove the danger of dryer fires from your home today.

*U.S. Fire Administration’s (USFA) National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS) and the National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) annual fire department experience survey (2012)